Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Playing in the Snow

We ended up getting between 5-8 inches of snow. It was so beautiful, and we have been out of school for 4 days. But it is finally melting off and we are back to school tomorrow. Ava has loved looking at the snow everyday, but today she made the comment that she was glad it was leaving. I am to, because I am so ready for spring!

Saturday was the day that the most snow was on the ground and Ava was so excited about building a snowman. Bradley wasn't very optimistic because the snow was very dry and powdery. They went outside to play and I bundled Harrison up so he could go outside for his first "big" snow. Unfortunately, it was way too bright for him and he was unimpressed. Ava on the other hand loved the snow and was so disappointed when it was time to come in. She had been anticipating making snow angels, but scrapped that idea when she realized just how cold it was.

It was beautiful while it lasted and I am so glad that Ava got a chance to enjoy the snow.

Ava enjoying hot chocolate after coming in.


  1. That snow looks beautiful. I am glad you had some extra days off.

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Obviously Harrison was NOT amused by the snow and the big outdoors! LOL! Grammy


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