Monday, April 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday (well, I guess Sunday now...)

Let me just say that it has taken me a week to finish this post. But, here it is! :)

1. I mentioned in an earlier post that we had to switch Harrison's bathing location to the big bathtub. As soon as we released the baby betting, he realized he can kick and he loves to splash. So into the big bathtub for him. Ava also loves to help give him baths.

2. If you have been a reader of the blog for a while, you may remember that Ava used to make the face that I call the mush mouth. You can see Ava doing it here - Mush Mouth . Well, Harrison's is a little more complex and involves several different expressions. I call these expressions, The Maynard. It's just a Bobo/Tiff term and it applies in this case. Plus, I love hearing Ava say it!

3. I have had and have scheduled several photo sessions lately. Don't forget to check the photography blog every now and then to see what I am up to. Tiffany Rogers Photography

4. It seems we are on the mend from the sickness at our house (at least I hope so!). Harrison has recovered from his shots, Ava's doctor appt resulted with a diagnosis of just a cold, and I think Bradley and I are feeling better. But way behind from all the sickness...need to catch up. (The first pick is of Ava passed out one afternoon and the second was her boo-boo where the doctor took blood.)

5. Bradley and Ava are bubble fiends. Bradley said that he thinks our neighbors probably watch us and laugh at the way we constantly play with bubbles.

6. We have picked up the application for Ava to get into preschool. We are hoping that she gets in next year!

7. 35 and 1/2 days until Summer Break! (a few less as of the day of posting!)

8. Harrison is now a proud eater of Rice Cereal, Oatmeal, Green Peas, and Applesauce. (Plus, as of Wednesday: Squash) So far, he hasn't met a taste that he doesn't like!

9. Bradley has been busy getting ready for our vegetable garden for this year. I'm hoping we have a good year for veggies.

10. Ava's favorite food of the moment: Pot Pies!

Bonus- Harrison is crawling as of Wednesday!!!!! I have yet to see it, but Anne assures me that he spends most of his days doing it. I guess by the time I get home, he is too tuckered out! (By now, I have seen it!)


  1. Licia1:08 PM

    I just love reading your blog! The first picture from this post is so adorable!

  2. Love the mush face, your face feeding Harrison, and the fact that Harrison is crawling! Way to go. Glad you all are feeling better.

  3. Thanks, Jodie! Do you find yourself making that face when you feed your kids? lol


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