Sunday, April 11, 2010

Egg Hunting

We finally made it out to hunt eggs before the sun went down on Easter. Bradley hid the eggs that Ava had colored and a few plastic eggs for Harrison. The hunt didn't go well. Ava is like me and if the egg doesn't hit her in the face, then it is nonexistent. Bradley (who was camcording) was so frustrated at her that I imagine the taping sounds like some sort of bad lecture. I was laughing so hard remembering how my parents recall my egg hunting skills. Then at the tail end as Ava went for the final egg a bee flew at her. Darn Bradley for turning off the camcorder because that tape could have brought us some money. It was hilarious!

Harrison, on the other hand, was more interested in the grass than in the egg. He might have grazed it with his fingers, but that was pretty much it. The grass and clovers were where it's at for him. Cute little guy!

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