Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Everyday Life

Just some recent everyday life shots.
This was Ava before we left for Nana's one morning. You can't see that she has 3 ponytails and she is wearing lip gloss. She loves to smear on her Ariel and Princess and the Frog lipstick.
When our washing machine broke, we were without a washer for about 4 days. They were the longest days ever. I am so thankful for this invention.
Straight up Momma's boy
Loving the bubble wrap

Note the fashionable hair style

Loving some sweet baby feet!

She said that she "worked hard" and needed grilled cheese and tomato soup.
You can barely see his road rash that he gets from crawling. Plus he has this beautiful slobber blister.

When he gets into her bed, he makes a beeline for the stuffed animals.
A gift from Aunt Bethany

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  1. Gotta love a Momma's boy! And I love Ava's style with her headbands!


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