Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Harrison at 5 months

Here's a look at Harrison at 5 months-

  • No surprise here, but he is a good eater. He currently eats rice cereal and oatmeal. He also eats bananas, applesauce, green peas, squash, green beans, and carrots. He detests peaches.

  • He has a funny, staggering crawl.

  • He always tugs at his ear while nursing. The doctor says that it's clear, but he still pulls it. Sometimes he falls asleep with it in his hand.

  • He is a COMPLETE Momma's boy. He is not content to let me leave the room.

  • When I walk into a room, he tries to swim towards me.

  • He is becoming more content to crawl and play for a bit on your own.

  • He is very interested in Ava's toys.

  • He likes to pull hair.

  • He tries to grab EVERYTHING. Most recently, it was handful of spaghetti off of my plate.

  • His favorite toys are his "noodle" and his chewing giraffe.

  • He is squeezing into 9 month clothes, but fits more comfortably into 12 month clothes.

  • Size 3 diapers

  • Size 4 shoes

  • He loves having his bottom gums rubbed.

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  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Love the little man! Love the HAT! Papa Acom use to wear a hat just like it.
    Love, Aunt Bethany


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