Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've said it once...

and I'll say it again... this kid is the nastiest eater ever!

Now that Harrison is venturing into more solid foods (puffs, biter biscuits, bananas, apples) he is nastier than ever. Most nights at supper it is a free for all on how messy he will get. In fact, most nights I completely strip him down to his diaper before he gets in the highchair. I have got him to wear a bib a few times lately, but it is his hand that do the majority of the mess. He can't keep them out of his face. It is like I need to retrain him to feed him! He loves food, but of course we all knew that already!


  1. Anonymous1:01 PM

    These pictures are just precious! I love to watch Harrison eat, no matter how messy it gets. He certainly enjoys his food..........but BOY, DOES HE HATE HAVING TO GET HIS HANDS, ARMS, FACE, NECK, EARS, HAIR, LEGS, FEET, CLOTHES, ETC. WASHED OFF WHEN HE'S DONE!!!! (But what kid doesn't?!) :) If he's in a high chair, it isn't as easy to get food on his feet and legs, but if I feed him in his little seat in our den, he literally gets food from head to toe, plus he smears it all over the seat itself! I think maybe he's eaten his last meal in that seat, for just that reason! :)




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