Monday, November 01, 2010

The Princess and the Frog

Ava and Harrison dressed up as The Princess and the Frog for Halloween this year. We had a very weird Halloween because Ava was not really feeling well and had been running a fever early in the day and complaining of a tummy ache when it was time to trick or treat. Needless to say, the photos definitely reflect that and I have very few to show for the night. Ava's friend Lindsey did join us for trick or treating, but unfortunately for us, there were so many trick or treaters that almost all the houses on our street had already given out all the candy by the time we got out. At our house we ended up with 302! That is a record for our house. Chalk that up to Dyersburg trick-or-treating on Sunday so they all headed our way for the Saturday night fun!

The kids were so cute that I wish I had more pictures!

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  1. I love the costumes! The frog is just too cute!


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