Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Conversation with Ava

Conversations at bedtime always start like this.

Ava: What happens if I need you or Daddy?

Me: Then you just call for us.

Ava: What happens if there is an emergency?

Me: Then call us.

(This particular night continued on with the following conversation.)

Ava: What kinds of things are emergencies?

Me: Well, if you had to go potty or felt like you were going to throw up. Those would be emergencies.

Ava: What about a fire? Is that an emergency?

Me: Yes, a fire is an emergency.

Ava: What about a bad man in the house? Is that an emergency?

Me: Yes, but we have the doors locked so no bad people can get in.

Ava: What about a twisten (tornado)? Is that an emergency?

Me: Yes, but there are no storms tonight.

Ava: What about a meteor? Is that an emergency?

Me: (laughing uncontrollably) Yes, that would be an emergency, but it is definitely not happening. Now go to sleep and if you need me, call.

I love this sweet girl who always keeps me laughing and who is so unpredictable!

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