Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The first week of January - Jan 1st-8th

Photos from the 1st of Jan. through the 8th of Jan.
Jan. 1 - Ava was super anxious to get the Christmas tree down so that she could play with this puzzle mat that Uncle Mike and Aunt Bo got for her and Harrison.
Jan. 2 - Harrison and I

Jan 3 - This pic was sent to me by Stacy after I called to check on Harrison. Stacy has been filling in while Anne has been sick.
Jan. 4 - Ava and JT playing. JT picks on her and she tattles and then bothers him. They are like brother and sister the way they argue.
Jan. 5- Ava had the stomach bug, but this Fancy Nancy doll from Grammy and Gramps cheered her up.Jan 6- Grammy came to visit.
Jan. 7- Cheering for the Choctaws

Jan. 8 - My new obsession with Friday Night Lights on my ipad.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    It's January 18th., and I have finally felt good enough to make my way upstairs to see the holiday pictures I haven't seen on the blog! I am still not back to normal, whatever THAT is for me, but I am beginning to feel almost human again, after such a long time of being sick with whatever the heck I've had! If all goes well, I hope to be back baby-sitting and lovin' on "our babies" very soon! I have missed Ava and Harrison like crazy, and I think I've even begun to miss ole Tiffany and Bradley, too! ha I am so very grateful that Stacey has been able to fill in for me so much, because I just haven't been able to be out of bed very much these last few weeks! Even now, I still get dizzy at times, which scares me, thinking about feeling that way while possibly walking and holding Harrison, etc.. but I'm feeling much stronger over all, thank goodness! All the holiday pictures are great, and Ava looks so cute singing and dancing at her programs! Thank goodness Tiffany takes lots of pictures. Otherwise, I wouldn't have a clue as to what our Ava is up to nowadays! She's just a busy, busy girl!!!! Harrison is getting so big......and he's gotten that way MUCH TOO QUICKLY TO SUIT THIS OLD LADY!! I am so anxious to hold both of them in my arms again, 'cause I just love them so very much!! :)

  2. Love me some Friday Night Lights, especially Coach Taylor and Tim Riggins. I like what you are doing with the blog with the weekly updates. I bet it more manageable that way. Ava cracks me up! I bet she does always keep you laughing!


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