Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anatomy of a White Trash Baby

We took an impromptu trip outside as the sun was setting so Bradley and Ava could plant pumpkin seeds. Since the sun was heading down, I didn't have time to dress Harrison, so I thrust my baby into white trashiness and then grabbed the camera to document it! Here he is in all his nasty, white trash baby glory!
Diaper, t-shirt, and shoes without socks! Yuck!

Nasty face, dirty shirt, and a double-sided post nasl drip thing going on!

Baby mullet. For sure! (Note to self- take to barber! asap!) Can you see the snot?

Sweet boy...I apologize if I let you out looking like this. I promise though, you weren't out in public, only put out there on this blog! :)


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