Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harrison - 15 month Dr. Check-Up

Harrison went to the doctor this morning for his 15 month check-up (even though he will be 16 months tomorrow!). Over the past few months we have developed a couple of concerns about him. One is that we are 99.9% sure he is allergic to peanuts, and two, his legs have straightened a little, but not enough, and his feet are definitely turning in. So I went in wanting to make sure those concerns were addressed and we were on the right track.

Poor guy started off on a bad note because he started crying as soon as we got into the exam room. He knew what was coming and he was having none of it. After our doc checked him out and said how fantastic he was developing (weighing in at 26 lbs and 6 oz at the 75th percentile and measuring 33 and 1/4 inches long and rocking the 95th percentile), she said she was definitely concerned about his symptoms with the peanut butter and she felt it was time to refer him to an orthopaedic specialist about his legs and feet.

At such a young age, getting a lock on allergens is very difficult. She said that we would screen his blood now and then keep rescreening as his allergies changed and he aged. We also came home with a prescription for an Epi Pen, an instructional DVD, and a brief training on how to use it!

So we ended with a lot of crying, a lot of snotting, an extreme amount of clinging, 2 shots, a vial of blood, and a worn out boy.

We will visit the specialist next Friday to look at Harrison legs and feet. I really feel like it is a minor issue at this point and it can be corrected easily. I hope it is and I am going to have faith that it is. Please keep us in your prayers as we go next Friday to that appointment.

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