Friday, March 18, 2011

Tricky Leprechauns

This year those tricky leprechauns were at it again! Last year they colored Ava's milk green (which she refused to drink because Bradley told her it was leprechaun pee!), but this year they left her clues to find a treasure. Needless to say when she woke up this morning and saw a shamrock clue on her bed, I was awoken to the sounds of, "Daddy, someone left this for me!" She was so excited. We went from room to room searching for clues. There was even a clue on the refrigerator and her milk was once again green.

At the end of our search, the leprechauns had left Ava and Harrison some rainbow colored candy (M&M's) and some gold (pennies, which Bradley kept saying, "Those are copper." Okay Daddy Downer!). She was so stinking excited that I could barely contain my smiles. It was just a sweet magical moment for her. I loved every minute of it, even if Daddy kept rolling his eyes!
(Please excuse the crazy bedhead in these pictures!)

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