Friday, April 22, 2011

Ava - Craft/Egg Hunt at School

On Wednesday, Ava's preschool class had a parent workshop and egg hunt. For this workshop we made bunny ears and then had an egg hunt afterwards. Ava was worried she wouldn't get any eggs, but she came back with quite a haul of eggs. I was very proud when a little girl in her class was crying because she didn't get many eggs and Ava agreed to give her 3 of hers (which for Ava that was a big sacrifice in the sharing department). I guess that made her feel good because she gave a few more to another little boy in class who didn't have many.

After the workshop she spent the rest of the day with me at school and she always has a fantastic time doing that. My students get a kick out of her and she spends a lot of time working. We spent of my downtime working on reading. She is in such a hurry to learn to read. She tries very hard and I think she will be an early reader.

Top that day off with an egg hunt with her class at church and Ava had a spectacular day!

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