Friday, May 20, 2011

Wrapping up the busiest week ever... or so it seems!

I wrote this last Friday to sum up the craziest week ever! I am just now 5-25 getting around to posting this whinefest!

Like I said earlier, the weeks towards the end of school are the busiest ones. Add to that the work I am doing on my Masters this year, and I am just overwhelmed. To make it even better, add on a little bit of the sinus yuckies and a sore throat, and I have the recipe for the perfect week.

Just so next year at this time I can look back and say, nope, I was as busy last year, I am going to do a little run down/whining about my week so far.

Monday - spent all day at school preparing for IEP meetings (IEP's are 20-25 page documents on each student that detail their special ed services)

Tuesday - IEP day - meetings with parents and teachers ALL DAY - Dance after school with Ava - Supper meeting with NHS officers to plan next year's activities - Went home and baked 2 batches of Oreo-Stuffed Choco Chip Cookies - Kids up late!

Wednesday - Read End of Course English I test to students (OMG! SOOOOO LONG!) - Finish IEP's - Retirement party set up - Retirement party after school - Helped Bradley in the garden. Wrote a 1500 word paper in less than 3 hours

Thursday - Read End of Course History test to students - Work on more sped paperwork - Have worst night with kids - Kids bathed and in bed by 7:45 and yes, it was still light out! :)

Friday - Dance recital dress rehearsal right after school with Ava. We still have to get new tights and black shoes at some point.

All throughout this week I have also tried to straighten up the house and put things into some semblence of order, but it hasn't really happened yet. Oh well.... dance recital and final soccer game/awards tomorrow. I am soooo tired already....

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