Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Reading Program - 2011

The kids are once again enrolled in the Summer Reading Program at our library. They love going there and our librarians are so awesome. They know the kids by name and always make them feel so special. Ava and I signed up last Friday, but Harrison was napping and recovering from strep throat, so I left him with Daddy and Ava and I went to check out our first set of books. This year I am letting both kids pick the allotted 10 books because they are both so different this year. They both listen to each other's books, so they end up getting double credit. In fact, they already have the first prize for 25 books (popcorn for Ava and animal crackers for Harrison).

Ava was so sweet when we picked books for Harrison and she really put thought into the books she chose for him. She found one Thomas book (which he LOVED) and several truck/car books. I decided to let Ava get her first chapter book and we selected Junie B. Jones and the Smelly Bus. Junie B. is a little girl in Kindergarten who finds herself in all types of trouble. When the librarian found out that it was Ava's first chapter book and it was a Junie B. book, she sent Ava home with a Junie B. doll to read with. That just made it even more special for Ava. I didn't know how Ava's attention would hold up through a chapter book, but she LOVED it. In face, we read 2 chapters a night and she always begs for more. We have now finished the first Junie B. and started another one last night.

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  1. Licia6:09 PM

    That's so awesome that they love books. :-D


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