Friday, November 18, 2011

Midnight Movie Maddness

Last night, my friends, Courtney and Susan, and I, braved the late hour and crowd to go see the latest installment in the Twilight move saga. We headed out extra early to get in line for our popcorn and seats. The last time we did a midnight movie was when the last Twilight movie came out and it was during the summer. This one was after a long day of school, so I wasn't sure if we would make it or not!

We did and the movie was fantastic! Loved it. Great movie and great company!

However, upon arriving home I discovered that Harrison had thrown up in his bed and was covered in vomit. I woke him up, stuck him in the tub, Bradley changed his sheets, and then I tried to make myself go to sleep since it was after 3.

I had very little sleep and since I had originally taken off today to take Harrison to the doctor, we are stuck at home seeing if this is a bug of some sort or just a result of his sinuses bothering him. Anyway, I hope that the day passes by without any more instances of sickness. :( I also hope that I can squeeze in a nap! :)

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