Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barn Warming

Last weekend we went to the high school's Annual Barn Warming. The Ag Dept at the high school (FFA) has one every year and for the first time, we actually got to attend. All day long Ava was super excited about it and talked, talked, and talked about it.

Unfortunately, Harrison wasn't feeling well and was super fussy, so we ended up not being able to stay the whole time. However, while there, we got to enjoy some nice food and Harrison loved watching the cows. He kept calling to them, "Hey cow, I pet you." Adorable.

He threw a fit over riding on the tractor which ended in us hurrying home before it was over.

The spooky fog we woke up to last Saturday.

It's too much to ask for one picture with both kids looking at the camera. :0)

Ava loved playing Corn Hole and cried when we left.

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