Monday, March 12, 2012

Dr. Seuss's Birthday Party/Read Across Town

On March 1st we did our annual trek to downtown Dyersburg to celebrate Dr. Seuess's birthday at the Read Across Town Event. This event has various community members read at several locations and share books with the kids. Just like last year, we started by eating at McDonald's with the Babbitts before heading to the event.

Harrison was without his stroller this year which proved quite a workout for me. At the first stop, he went right in and sat down to listen. That didn't last long and he was busy going from kid to kid saying, "Sshhh. We have to listen." So funny and cute, but I am sure other people found it annoying. Then he got distracted by some girls with face paint that looked like cat whiskers. He started yelling, "Is your name Zoe?" (one of our cats' names).

The first reader was Ava's principal who read a book called "Chicken Big" and ended with the kids getting to reach into a big egg to receive a prize. Ava was first and felt around inside the egg until she pulled out a chicken. She was super excited to get the big prize.

After that we headed to get our faces painted and enjoy some snacks before stopping at one final reading. Harrison was done after that and even though Ava was disappointed not to get to hear more, she was happy that we had gotten to go and listen to her principal. :)


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