Monday, June 18, 2012

Bradley's Update

On Mother's Day Bradley started to notice some pain in his feet. The pain continued to get worse over the nest couple of weeks and was concentrated in his feet, but started to spread to his hands. He finally went to the doctor and was told that he most likely had Lyme Disease. The doctor started him on some antibiotics while they waited for his blood test results. Even after taking the antibiotics, the pain continued to move throughout his body and he would develop these itchy bumps under his skin all over his body.

The results came back negative, but the doctor said that even though the test said negative that he still could have it and to finish up his antibiotics.

Fast forward to a few days after stopping his antibiotic and he started to have some issues with dizziness and was having a hard time walking. That Saturday afternoon it got so bad that he finally let me call an ambulance. He literally couldn't stand up because of dizziness and nausea. After a little treatment in the ER they were set to dismiss him, but he still couldn't stand without the dizziness. They decided to admit him to the hospital and see what could be done.

The doctor he got said that the symptoms he was having indicated that he was suffering from psedutumor cerebri (see the picture below). Apparently this is a side effect that sometimes comes along with the antibiotics that Bradley was on and his body was thinking that he had brain tumors. Top that off with an inner ear infection and he was having severe vertigo issues.

So after 4 days in the hospital his vertigo was under control and he was able to be released from the hospital. He was still having some dizziness spells and was very weakened from the whole ordeal. As we left the hospital, he made a joke about all he really needed was something like shingles to top off the whole experience.

Well guess what...on Friday he developed a rash and I took him to the doctor and sure enough, he has Shingles! Bless his heart, he is in bad shape. Shingles are rough stuff! But he is slowly and surely on the mend. Hopefully in a couple of weeks he will be back to his regular self and able to get back into a regular routine.

Thanks to all of the thoughts and prayers and for everyone who has called, texted, or helped us out in any way. It is greatly appreciated!

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