Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's Going to Watch My Kids on Christmas Day so I can go see this?

Just kidding (okay, maybe not), but I was so stinking jazzed to see the trailer for Les Mis. I don't mean that crappy version they made with Uma Thurman (I think) a few years ago, I mean a musical based adaptation of Les Miserables. I think this may be my all-time favorite musical.

It was the first musical that I ever saw on stage while I was in high school and I know the words to almost every song. The CD played on repeat in my car (second to Titanic of course!). We sang one of the songs in choir and I LOVED it!

So, nerd alert, I am sooooooooo watching this when it comes out!

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  1. Your Dad and I can watch the kids...


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