Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Little Choctaw

It's that time of year again! Cheer season! This year the Little Choctaws are cheering not only basketball, but football as well. Last Friday night was the first game and Ava did a great job!

Right before she went out to cheer one of the teachers came into the stands with Ava and I thought to myself, "Is she sick?" She had this look on her face. In Mrs. Wendy's hand was a tooth and she said, "Ava just lost a tooth!" I wiped the blood out of her mouth and then Ava was all smiles and so ready to cheer. It was hilarious. I loved the excitement and the fact that during the cheers I could see her feeling her new tooth hole. So funny! She was so excited and it made the first night of cheer so much more memorable. Well that and the fact that Bradley locked us out of the van and we had to call a locksmith! :)


Ava and Abigail

Ava and her teacher, Mrs. Renae, and Mattie from Harrison's daycare

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