Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girl Scout Camp

The second week of July, Ava and I and another Daisy and her mother attended Girl Scout Camp. When we originally signed up, we didn't know that there was no air conditioner. We also didn't know that there was NO electricity! What a surprise!

The Thunderbird - Cafeteria (no air here either!!!!!)

The office - They have air!

Our bath house - with only 3 showers!

Our cabin

The first thing we did was canoeing and Ava was not a fan. She about had a fit once we got in the boat. We lasted a little while, but she was in no way getting back into that boat! They did get a little time to cool of in the lake, but I abstained from that. Even though I spent most of my childhood at the lake, I can't bear to think about what it in that water. And my fears were confirmed when Sara's mom found a leech on her foot! Oh my dear! Gross!

Let's face it, I am not built for no air and I am definitely NOT built for a place with lots of creepy crawlies! The first night there, we were greeted by this guy crawling across the other mother's bed.

I kid you not, I about had a full on panic attack. Not only was I sweating (since it was 95 degrees in our cabin), but it was DARK, and things were obviously crawling out of the nasty woodwork. I swear on all that is holy, if it hadn't been such a trek to our car, 10 at night, and I had already paid for the camp, I would have left right then! Amy later told me that if she had had some Xanax, she would have given it to me! She said the look on my face was priceless.

That night my bed contained a nice tick on my arm, a giant cockroach crawling up my bed, and my sweaty "sleep" was interrupted by a nice large cricket that hopped up my arm! OMG!

Full day one dawned and it actually wasn't so bad. The sun stayed at bay so I didn't sweat AS MUCH as I normally would. After weathering that first night, I felt like maybe I could make it for two days.

The kids had a color war and then played games.

After the paint war and a few games, we went back to our cabin for siesta. Don't  get me wrong, I love naps, but in temperatures of 5000 degrees, it is hard to sleep!

Amy told me to look like I was having fun. Yeah, NOT!!!

After siesta, we did some arts and crafts, archery, snacks, and then a nature hike where we learned to identify trees.

That night for supper we had to cookout which involved a campfire (in 5001 degree heat!), and the kids "cooking" for the moms.

After the second sleepless night (with Ava and I both crammed onto a teeny tiny cot in 5002 degree heat), it was time to pack it up and finish out the morning. I couldn't wait until the 2 exit time. On the downhill stretch and I knew we could make it!

I bribed Ava to do arts and crafts instead of going to the "gullies" which are giant mud pits that you "swim" in. The cost was a webkinz, but boy was it worth it not to have to get in a pit of mud!!!!!!!!!!!

After a little lake time it was time for lunch and then time to hit the road. It was 1:15 when we finished up and one of the counselors said she didn't think we could leave until 2. Ha! I would have liked to see them stop me! Once we were dismissed we practically ran to get our stuff and load up. You couldn't get us out fast enough! The nearest Sonic was 20 miles away, but we made it!

Glad to spend time with my girl, but chalk that up to a once in a lifetime event! Unless there is air, I'm outta there!


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Sounds like everything that could go wrong went wrong!!! LOL!! Grammy

  2. Licia2:56 PM

    The expression on your face is priceless. LOL


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