Thursday, August 14, 2014

3rd Grade

So, 3rd grade is off to a rocky start. Ava is just not a fan right now. It seems that every day she comes home and feels she has been slighted. First, it was the shorter recess, and now it seems daily there is some catastrophe. She is not allowed to use her "pretty pencils," but has to use the class set of yellow pencils. I agree, that sucks. Who wants to touch pencils that every other disgusting hand has touched. Blech!

Today, she was upset because she didn't get to work on her book. After finishing the Spiderwick Chronicles series last night, she wanted to write a sequel. She wanted to work on Chapter 3 at school today, but after finishing her work, her teacher would not let her get her composition book out and write. She was so mad. Let's face it, Ava finished her work quickly. She is very smart and she catches on quickly. Sure, sometimes she rushes, but not to let her write? What is the harm of her getting out her notebook and writing? She was able to get a book out to why not write?

I'm trying to be positive, other than the pencil deal, but I am so afraid that she will start to dislike school again. I'm crossing my fingers that things get better.

Walking into school on the first day. 

Her new classroom

This school year's theme is about being Wild for Learning. She got these from her teacher.

Excited about her new backpack. 

First assignment - "Make a me bag"  Ava had to fill a bag with items that represent her. She chose a couple of pictures, a magnet from Disney World, an apron and scissors for her love of crafting, and some gemstones  from Discovery Park. 

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