Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Rogers' Family Weekend

The weekend before last weekend, otherwise known as the first weekend of August ;), Aunt Bethany and Liam came for a visit and we spent most of the weekend at Nana and Pop's. We had a wonderful time, but we were exhausted by Sunday night and I know Nana and Pop were too. :)

Ava in the corner. She hated that I was taking this picture.

Pop preparing our supper. They always feed us well. 

Daddy helping in the kitchen. 

This has been making me sad, because Ava has always liked school. She is frustrated that recess for 3rd graders is shorter than recess for 2nd graders. She feels slighted.

 And then all of the kiddos had a blast in the sprinklers.

Nana and Pop's cat, Bella. 

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