Sunday, December 09, 2007

25 Days of Christmas - Day 7

So I am a little behind on our days of Christmas. That is just because we have been so busy celebrating the holiday season. I am currently just going to post pictures for a few days until I get caught up and then maybe we can resume our little scrapbook pages. Thanks to you all for the all the kind comments you have been leaving. There are each like little presents that I unwrap when I wait for it to load whatever you all have written!

So on Friday, Day 7 of the 25 Days of Christmas, Nana and Pop came over for us to share Friday night dinner with. I cooked a nice pasta dinner and then for the Christmas activity, we decorated Gingerbread Men that I had baked earlier in the day. I had never had Gingerbread before and it is really not one of my favorites either. We did have fun decorating the cookies and laughing at each other. I gave Pop a can of whipped cream to help Ava decorate with, but she was really having none of that. By the end, however, she was eating so much powdered sugar frosting that I was afraid she would get sick!

Day 8 activity - Girls Day and Scrapbooking Day with my Mom

Day 9 activity - Church and Christmas pictures

So stayed tuned as I try to catch up on my postings! Have a great week!

Festive even after a bath: Ava in her new reindeer towel

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  1. Anonymous1:05 AM

    We had lots of fun decorating gingerbread men Friday night, and Tiffany's Three Cheese Pasta dinner was delicious! It was SO good, that Ava not only enjoyed eating it, but she tried to inhale some of the sauce up her nose, too. The after-dinner entertainment was supplied by Little Miss Rogers doing a few dance numbers, so the evening was a smashing success!
    Oh, how we love our Ava! :)



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