Monday, December 10, 2007

25 Days of Christmas - Days 8 and 9

On Saturday, my mom came down for a "Girls' Weekend" with Ava and I. She got here at about 9 on Saturday morning and Ava was still in bed. After she got up, we fed her and headed out to do a little shopping. We hit the Dyersburg Mall and then headed to Charlene's in Halls. It is a cute little set of shops that offer girly items. The main shop had the most beautiful Christmas ornaments! They also had a little scrapbooking store, not quite my style, but I picked up some stickers and Mom picked up a few sheets of paper. No shopping trip is complete without a Mexican lunch at El Patio and a stop at the Dollar Tree. I love good deals and sometimes you find neat things there. I picked up some cute Christmas decorations and some items for my secret pal at work. After a quick stop at Wal-Mart we headed back home for some serious scrapbooking and crafting. We scrapbooked from about 3 until midnight and we were exhausted. I got some serious scrapbooking done and Mom got quite a bit done. We made some cute ornaments and little Christmas decorations.

Sunday morning we went to church where our preacher did a service on Peace and they lit an advent candle. I love the festivities that go along with Christmas. Then we ate at Ryan's and headed home to play my favorite game, "Photo Shoot." Now you all know you can't see the pictures until I get my cards made and sent out, but I'll tell you this, they are cute! They involve Ava dressed in pink and purple with a lollipop! Messy? Yes! Adorable? Yes! Can't wait to share!

So anyhow, I am caught up on Days of Christmas through today and tonight's activity involves Christmas cards. So by next week, start checking those mailboxes! Hope you had a great Monday!


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Ava looks SO CUTE in both outfits in these new pictures, but she also looks like such a big girl! She's just growing up so fast it's alarming! It's such fun being with her so much, and I'm not away from her but an hour or so before I start missing the little stink! :) Joe and I were just talking about her tonight, and I told him that as long as I know just what to talk to her about, she and I can pretty much carry on a conversation of sorts, and it tickles me to hear how quickly her vocabulary is growing. She's a smart little gal, and her Nana is nuts about her! (Surprise, surprise!)


  2. Anonymous8:01 PM

    It was a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to do it again. I can't get over how much Ava is changing and growing. She is a big girl now!! Can't wait to see her (and you and Bradley) on the 22nd!



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