Wednesday, December 12, 2007

25 Days of Christmas - Day 12

Sorry to disappoint, but there was no Christmas activity tonight. We just had fun as a family and spending time together. Ava and Bradley are in her bedroom playing right now and we have just had a lazy night. I spent a little time scrapbooking, we watched a little TV, and have just been playing. But, I do have some recent pictures of Ava doing something holiday like. My mom and I found this at the Dollar Tree. Ava loved it for a few days and we had fun playing with it. But as all things do, this went straight into Ava's mouth and it is so cheap that dye started to get on her from it. Straight into the trash it went. It will be missed for she looked so cute. However, it added another item on my to-do list. Number 643 - Teach Ava where a headband goes...

And this is too cute not to share. I would put the headband on and do an evil laugh. You know the one that goes,"MWAHHAHAHA." And Ava would hold it up to her head and say,"Ma, Ha!" It was so funny. That's what convinced me to spend the dollar in the first place!

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