Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lollipop Lover

Okay, so I know I am behind on the Days of Christmas, but really we haven't done many activities that go along with our 25 Days. On the 13th Day of Christmas, Bradley and I attended the school Christmas party. On the 14th I was very sick, running a fever, and very grouchy. On the 15th we all went to a Christmas party at Bradley's cousin's house (I will post pictures later), and today we went to church and then Ava stayed with her Nana and Pop so Bradley and I could Christmas shop. So in one way, I am behind, but then again, I haven't taken many pictures. So as a cop out, I am posting outtakes from Ava's Christmas card photo shoot. I hope you all have enjoyed your cards and are having a great holiday season.

P.S. Tomorrow afternoon Ava is getting a flu shot and tomorrow night is my fellow teacher Christmas party, so don't expect a post! But who knows, maybe you will get a surprise...

So if any of you have seen the Joker for the new Batman movie, here is his twin. He is very scary. If you google Heath Ledger as Joker, I am sure you can find a scary picture of him. I found one at www. but I thought he was too scary! ;)

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