Friday, December 21, 2007

Recent Ava Happenings

Every day Ava is coming up with some new word or silly something that she is saying. Here are the most recent:

  • My favorite: When I holler for Bradley in the house, Ava will go looking for him saying, "Wadley!" So cute that I do it just to see if she will say it. This is not taking the place of Daddy, it is just so dang funny!
  • When she sees Mickey Mouse, Ava will say, "Meh Mouse."
  • She is constantly taking off her shoes and socks and bringing them up to you saying, "Shoe, Sock."
  • When she gets in trouble she will sometimes say, "I sorry."
  • Any scrap of paper is a map. It's from Dora and she will pick it up and say, "I da map!"
  • She loves standing up on furniture and if you catch her, sometimes she will say, "It down."
  • I haven't heard these, but according to Nana, she will say Santa Claus and Ho, Ho, Ho. I am so hoping to hear these by Christmas.
  • And my number one favorite... If you sing the Wonder Pets theme song, Ava will add the word Teamwork to the song where it goes. You say, "What's going to work?" and Ava says, "Wework." See the video for this!


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