Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Days, Snow Days, those are happy school days!

I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE snow days! It is even okay when there isn't really any snow. I guess we could call them ice days? I was so shocked yesterday morning when I got the call that school was cancelled. Unexpected day off due to some icing on roads and slick spots. Cool, I can handle a day off and get some stuff done (not that I ever get much done!). But the kicker was this morning when I got the call at 6:10 after already showering, checking the weather outside and being slightly disappointed that all was well outside. (Yeah, I know, teachers and kids are the only ones who love, love, love those kinds of days.) I couldn't believe my ears! No school on a day like today. Maybe there was bad weather elsewhere in the county because it is a large area, but still! YIPEE! Snow day round 2 to make a 4 day weekend to boot!

So in honor of our snow day yesterday, I got the camera out to capture some Ava pics and some playdate pics. Ava had her 3rd playdate with Ms. Jenna and they had such a great time. They are cute together most of the time, but they do fuss and fight a little bit during each playdate! Girls!
Here is Ava with Paisley cornered.

Proof that Ava hates blankets. When I layed them over her while she was laying down in her playpen, she stood up and threw them in the floor. Not my child!

And how cute are these two playing together! Ava was trying to make Jenna drink some juice in the one above.

I love these 2 pictures. It was like they were playing seesaw with an imaginary teeter totter!

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