Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Tale of Embarrassment

Saturday morning started out really well with Ava just playing in her bed and being so sweet. We were headed up to Kentucky for Trayton's birthday and to meet Gabriel. On the road between here and Union City, Ava was just fussy and yelling. Bradley even told her if she didn't stop we were heading back home. She eventually fell asleep and was in a better mood when we got there. That was until Trayton opened his birthday card from us that played The Backyardigans theme song. Ava just thought that was hers and had a fit for it. She stole it several times and threw a squealing fit when we took it away. When she is made she squeals a high-pitched squeal, cries, and beats her head on things. She was just fussy and a mess.

Fast forward to our trip home where we stopped at a Cracker Barrel to eat supper. It seemed to be taking forever for our food, Ava was beyond hungry, and coloring with crayons when the trouble began. Before long, everyone in the restaurant was looking at us as Ava squealed, cried, and then slammed her head down into the table. I was beyond mortified. Her food finally arrived and after a few minutes, she was finished and trouble began again. She wanted out of her highchair and proceeded to stick her hands in her food and wipe them on me while squealing. People were staring and I went to grab her face and get her attention so I could tell her to stop. Only later did I find out that Bradley said it looked like I was trying to choke her!

Back in the car there was no sleep for the rest of the way home. She cried and fussed and carried on while beating her head on her car seat and trying to rock her body out of it. The last 10 miles or so were the worse because when she would squeal, I would swat her leg. She got so worked up that she started trying to make herself gag and throw up! Absolutely miserable. We finally got home and her tail went straight to bed. Never have I been so embarrassed by her in all these 17 and a half months!

Anyway, I will be posting pics of Trayton's birthday and working on editing pictures from my first photo shoot of Gabriel. So be on the lookout. You can also check my other blog for some Photos of the Day at www. . Have a great week and here are a couple of photos from Ava that show her wonderful squealing!


  1. Anonymous1:22 AM

    In case there was ever any doubt about it, now we have proof that Ava is 100% NORMAL!!!! :)


  2. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Paybacks.......Like Mother, like daughter.... I LOVE it!!! (I don't think you ever tried to smear food on me though!! LOL)


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