Monday, January 21, 2008

Trip to the Dentist

Ava's first trip to the dentist was at 3:oo this afternoon and at 2:00 we had a bit of an accident. Ava and I were playing with her rocking horse and she was dancing when all of a sudden she slipped and fell. She had her paci in her mouth and I saw it hit the floor. This is not an unusual event, but this time the paci hit the skin between her lip and nose and cut it in three small places. It bled and bled and the poor little thing cried and cried. At first I had thought it was her nose and we could just wipe the blood off but I was so sad that she was hurt and it was so visible right before her first trip to the dentist. By the time we got there, the blood had dried up and she looked like a dirty little kid with the blood caked up around her nose. But every time I wiped at it, it started bleeding again so I decided to just leave well enough alone.

The dentist was very busy, but he has an awesome waiting room. It is a pediatric dentist so all clients are children and the waiting rooms are like Disneyland. Toys, games, and fun galore. Ava just played and played and enjoyed the other kids (all were older) and time flew by. When we got to the back they checked Ava out and gave her a toothbrush with the Little Mermaid on it, which she immediately kissed and then started brushing with. The hygienist complimented on her teeth and how nicely they were coming in and commented on her complexion. She cried a little, but not too bad. The dentist was the same, he was super good to Ava, and just went on and on about how beautiful she was and kept saying, "I really mean it, she's gorgeous! Her complexion is fantastic!" How I love hearing that!

Diagnosis - Her teeth are all coming in great. Great space between them and lots of room. They are clean and he can tell they are taken care of. Eye teeth will be dropping down at any time they are just under the gum right now and they usually cause the most trouble. He said that by age 5 she will have a beautiful smile once they are all in. He is concerned because the muscle that connects the lip to the gum at the top of the mouth is too thick. He thinks it will thin up on its own later, but she may have to have some work done on it to prevent a huge gap from being between her too front teeth. He assured me that it would not be a huge deal to fix. He also assured me that the paci is not a big deal right now and all he cares about is that she is not going to sleep with a bottle or sippy cup.

Anyway, it was fantastic. The workers were great and it was just a great experience. Next appointment is in July! So, here are pics of Ava's soon to be Hitler-scabby mustache and passed out in the car on the way home. I'm off to do a SNOW DANCE and you should too!

P.S. Ava has another playdate on Wednesday so I guess she wasn't too scary on Saturday!

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  1. licia6:34 PM

    Poor baby! I'm glad she's okay. She's just too darn cute!


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