Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Recap

I guess I am just one of those people that loves a reason to celebrate. Any reason at all and I am ready to do a little party, buy presents and make the everyday just a little brighter. Valentine's Day has proven no exception. Bradley and I laughed the other night as we were watching The Incredibles because when Mr. Incredible is asked to attend his son's graduation, he fumes, "He's only going from 4th to 5th grade!" Mr. Incredible adds, "They're constantly finding ways to celebrate mediocrity -- while someone who is truly incredible..." he says, "is asked to go away and hide." That's me, always on the lookout for a reason to celebrate. I'm not saying V-Day is mediocre, it's just a holiday that Bradley and I didn't generally celebrate when it was just the 2 of us.

So here's a little recap:

  • Wednesday night, Ava and I made cookies for her to give as Valentine's. I was also going to take some to school until Ava took a bite out of each cookie she touched! I also made cupcakes. When Ava sees these, her eyes light up and she says, "Cake!" (She can also say cookie.)

  • Thursday at school some of my students had earned a party and we had a little Valentine's celebration.

  • Also on the big V-Day, Bradley and I finally got new cell phones. For those of you who had not gotten a chance to witness the pitiful excuse I had for a phone, just know that it was about time! We were supposed to have gotten them for our wedding anniversary in July, but that didn't happen. So finally, I have a new phone. It is an orange LG enV and I am in love. But, being as tech savvy as I am, my kids at school still had to teach me to use it! Bradley also got a new phone! (and some sweet cards and ball cards)

  • Ava got Valentine's from Ms. Judy at church, Aunt Bethany, and some pull ups from Nana and Pop. We are about to start this potty training thing again now that things have calmed down.

  • Ava got a My First Barbie and Candy Land Castle from us. She has spent so much time with the castle and it is proving to be a fantastic gift. And you guys should see her trying to make Barbie 'Patty Cake' with her. I love it!

  • Lovely Subway meal to round off the night!

So that is our Valentine's Day in a nutshell. A nice, easy day with lots of love and laughter. Mediocre... I think not!

Lots of pictures of cookies and yes, Bradley's are the nice looking ones. Apparantly Ava and I just aren't artistic enough for his tastes!

Loving on her Barbie once she realized what it was.

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