Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Scenes from a Tuesday

Scenes from a Tuesday at the Rogers' household.
On the 14th of October:
  • Ava up at 8:30. She woke me up by standing at the gate to her room and talking to me until I woke up.

  • Day 1 of my Weight Watchers

  • The oatmeal fight was a little less of a fight.

  • We spent part of the morning recording off our home movies onto DVD. We spent a little time watching Christmas 2007.
  • I told Ava to put on shoes so we could go outside. She came back in ballet slippers.

  • We went outside to play on Ava's tricycle. I was trying to teach her how to peddle and she started yelling "No!" at me so we went back inside (to the sounds of crying).

  • Jenna's mom called and they came over to play. We rode tricycles and played with sidewalk chalk.

  • For lunch we had soup, carrots, and toast. Ava ate so many carrots that I was afraid she would turn orange.

  • Ava and I both took a nap. Her in the playpen and me on the couch.

  • Snack time - Cookies and fruit chews for Ava. Grapes for me.

  • I had a horrible headache so I wasn't as productive in the afternoon/evening as I wanted to be.
  • Clipped Ava's fingernails.

  • Ava ate a good supper and even used the spoon herself a little. (She is a lazy eater.)

  • As we were cleaning up the kitchen Ava wanted to help with dishes. She just made more work for me because she kept taking dishes out of the drain rack and putting them back in the sink.

  • Bradley brought home salads from Sonic for us. We watched Samantha, Who? while eating.

  • Bedtime for Ava. We read several books before going to bed.

  • I stayed up scrapbooking and watching Beauty and the Beast- Season 1 (the one with Linda Hamilton in it)

  • Went to bed well after midnight.Ava's ballet shoes. (the roses have come off)

As all kids do, Ava was more fascinated with Jenna's bike than her own.

My favorite song on Noggin - "I Don't Like Candy Corn!" (even though I do...)

All the junk Ava and I have piled on the couch throughout the day.

My desk in the craft room.

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