Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back from 2 Thanksgivings

We are back at home and I am trying to catch up after our 2 Thanksgivings. On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Rogers family. We had a great meal that was engineered by Uncle Timmy and we left absolutely stuffed to the brim. Ava was a social butterfly as usual and enjoyed spending time with the Rogers clan. She especially loved Leanna and her husband Josh (who Ava called Gosh), and I am sure their dog Dewey now needs therapy. He was such a good dog with Ava.

On Friday after a horrible Black Friday experience we headed up to KY to stay with my family. On Friday night we hung out at my parents house to celebrate my Dad's birthday (which was the 13th) and stayed until about 1 in the morning playing Mexican Train Dominoes. Then the fun really began as we tried to get Ava asleep in a hotel room. All was well until 4 in the morning when she fell out of bed and cried for the next 45 minutes. I thought we were about to have to pack it up and head home then, but it passed. We spent the day at Nanny's house and enjoyed a meal and some games.

I have spent the rest of this weekend trying to catch up on sleep after the miserable night at the hotel and getting up at 3:45 the previous night for Black Friday. But we are home and I am excited because tomorrow marks the 1st of December. I have some awesome things planned for my 25 Days of Christmas this year and I am excited about all the upcoming events. Hope you all had an exciting Thanksgiving!

She loves rolling her tongue

Smiling at Gosh

Nothing like a free calendar for your birthday!

Thank God for TV at motels!

My Nanny bought us these 3 silly shirts! Mine was supposed to be a Large, but me thinks it was a small! LOL!
Does Muncle Mike look psycho here or what!?!

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