Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 on Tuesday

10 things about me right now:

1. This is the last week of school before 2 weeks of Fall Break. I am looking forward to a glorious period of rest and relaxation and marking things off my to-do list. And hopefully that will mean more posting and more pictures!

2. Speaking of the to-do list (and Bradley will tell you that I love making lists!), I feel like I will never get it all finished before Baby Boy Rogers arrives.

3. Ava has been such a drama queen lately. I’m not sure if we will survive the 2 weeks together!

4. Baby boy’s stuff is coming together. Slowly, but surely. My goal for this next weekend is to get his nursery set up, but in order to do that we have to get Ava’s bed set up, and the list goes on. Here is a little peak at his bedding, thanks to my in-laws and sister-in-law. Thanks so much for the bed and bedding!
(Not his actual bed)

5. If you are an attendee of the Rogers’ Annual Halloweenie Roast, please note that the date this year will be October 17th this year.

6. I am so sore from two photo shoots this weekend that I feel like Baby Rogers is about to fall out. I know he’s not, but today, he is weighing very heavily on what I am convinced is all of my vital organs.

7. We have started decorating for Fall and Halloween! I love it!

8. My computer is in the shop again so I am working on my school laptop again. I wish we could find some competent people to fix it. I am fed up with this!

9. Ava and the potty have been doing well together. This past weekend we had no accidents in the panties with the exception of a few minor dribbles. We have discovered that as poo-poo time approaches, if we make her run around naked, she will go to the potty. The downfall: I am not so sure this would go over in public places….

10. I am now 31 weeks pregnant. I am now in the single digits as far as weeks go…. However a week or two early would be great for me….

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  1. Hang in there girl! Keep coming with those lists. They are my sanity most days. And I think in TN/KY #9 might be acceptable :)


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