Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ava's Big Girl Room

Yesterday we finally made a dent in our to-do list. We finally got our guest bed taken down, Ava's big girl bed set-up, and Baby Boy's crib ready. We have been working hard! Well, Bradley and Joe worked the hardest while I gave directions, Ava threw some fits, and I worked on some of the tons of pictures that I have taken lately (for other people, not for here!).

By the time we got done, it was getting pretty late. I tried to take some good pictures, but with Ava's pink walls and hot pink bedding, they aren't the greatest! She did sleep the whole night in her bed and said she loves it. I am glad she did well. We are still organizing and adding to her stuff, but I will take pictures when we get more done.
Here she is laying down for the last time in her little bed.

Hanging out and watching TV.

Getting ready to go to sleep.

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