Friday, October 23, 2009

We're All Still Here

Apologies for not being around and posting much lately. I always mean to get around to blogging, but it never really seems to happen. Bedtime calls all too quickly for me. I just wanted to post an update to keep everyone informed about what is going on around the Rogers' house and how we are all doing. So in true Tiff fashion, I thought I'd make a bulleted list, because I love lists!

  • Ava and I have both been vaccinated for the regular season flu, as well as the H1N1 flu. Ava will go back in another month for her 2nd flu shot, but we decided to go ahead and vaccinate rather than risk it (this was important to me especially since I am pregnant).

  • Last weekend's weenie roast was cancelled due to the flu in our family, but my parents are planning to visit tomorrow to make up for us not getting to visit last weekend.

  • I went to the doctor for a check-up on Wednesday and my blood pressure was elevated. I had tons of blood pressure problems with Ava, so I am being very conscientious about this and trying to keep a check on it and rest.

  • I have been CRAZY busy with photo shoots, orders, and trying to reschedule sessions cancelled because of the rain. I have lots of people trying to get pictures done before I go on maternity leave so I am hoping this blood pressure stays down a little longer.

  • I go back for an Ultrasound on 11/4 and we will get to see how big the little guy is.

  • Bradley has been doing a lot of things that I used to do around the house now that I am pregnant and getting bigger and bigger. One of those is giving Ava baths which I just can't bend down and into the tub for. Thank you for all the extra work you have been doing!

  • Ava makes checks pretty much every day in Baby Brother's room to see if he happened to come yet. I guess she thinks that maybe Santa is bringing him?

  • Baby Brother still has no name...

  • And because I know you like the pictures, here is one of Ava from last Halloween. My how fast a year goes by!

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