Saturday, January 09, 2010

Harrison at 6 weeks old


At 6 weeks old:

  • You leave a trail of baby hair everywhere that you lay your head. Your Daddy says we should just shave your head because it looks so bad.

  • Everyone who is around you for an extended period of time comments on how much you poop. It seems like it is ALL the time!

  • You love the mobile above your crib.

  • You are learning to love your baby swing.

  • Your toothless grin fills me with joy.

  • You love to be held while you sleep.

  • One of your favorite places to lay is in Ava's bed with her in it.

  • You love to be sang to and smiled at.

  • You love baths, but don't care for your hair being washed.

  • You sleep between 4-6 hours a night.

  • You smell like a boy to me.

  • You mess up more clothes then should be humanly possible.

  • You cheeks are so chubby and you have more than 1 chin.

  • Your big sister makes you smile.

  • You love being carried by Daddy.

  • You seem to eat all the time!

  • You have started to drool quite a bit.

  • You are so loved!

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