Thursday, January 07, 2010

"This is News 6!"

This post is for my family that remembers how annoying I used to be when my grandfather had the video camera out. On lots of our family movies at around age 6-7 you could see me constantly running up to the camera and in the most annoying voice saying, "This is News 6!" Sometimes all you saw was the top of my forehead and heard my annoying voice. I was a terribly obnoxious child, and hey, I guess some things never change! ;)

So, here is my little mini-me who apparently has genetically inherited the "News 6 gene." I couldn't get a picture of Bradley without this annoying child in it and all I could see were those embarrassing movies from my childhood!

Here's her lovely hand...

Here eyes are scary in this one. Maybe she is one of the visitors from "V."

And you can see just the tip of her forehead...

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