Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ringing in - Twenty Ten

Excited to start a new decade here at the Rogers' house. We celebrated New Year's like we do every year, with a party to celebrate Bradley's Birthday which falls on NYE. As usual we fixed way too much food, played games, and had a nice time. In true Ava fashion, she couldn't wait for the cake to be served. Poor Harrison tuckered out before midnight (just a couple of minutes before), but have no fear since Big Sister Ava woke him up right after the stroke of 12.

Hard to believe that this time last year we were just a family of 3, and now we have a family of 4. We had a busy year last year and being pregnant zapped a lot of my energy. (Not that I have a lot now with the amount of sleep I get!) I do hope to have more time this year to devote to the family, taking pictures, and blogging this new and fantastic year and decade.

Thanks to all of you who keep us with us here on the blog. God bless and great wishes for the new year! (And see, Bethany, he didn't shave!)

Right before midnight...

Right after midnight...

My sparkler
Stacy letting Harrison watch

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