Friday, February 18, 2011

Things at the Rogers' house

Totally random things I am thinking of:

  • So glad that the weather has taken a turn for the warm. We were able to go out on Sunday afternoon and enjoy a little time outdoors. Harrison LOVED it!

  • I have just finished up my 3rd class for my Masters program and have started on my 4th. I am waiting to see what my grades are, but so far, I have made 100% of all of my assignments so I am hoping for a great score on my final paper which would continue my 4.0! Fingers crossed!

  • I have started couponing and it is so much fun. Who knew that planning your shopping trip could be so exciting! This was my first try. I bought these at Walgreens for $19.00. I saved $16 right off the bat of the purchase prices, but I also got a $7 back reward for my next purchase. So I really just paid $12 for this. I have totally been degerming with these wipes!

  • We have been tossing around the idea of trying to go to Disney this fall. Maybe a money tree will grow in the backyard...... That would be nice...but seriously, we are ready to go somewhere as a family of 4!

  • Ava and I got our hair cut yesterday. She got several inches cut off and I am hoping it will bring back some of that nice curl.

  • I bought some new scrapbook supplies, so maybe if I can ever get a handle on the disaster that is my craft room, then I can sit down and do some new work!

  • As of right now, barring any more snow, our spring break will remain intact. However, if we are out once more for weather, we lose the first 3 days of break. :( No snow, PLEASE!
  • Harrison, all boy, all the time and loving his trucks!

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