Thursday, October 06, 2011

Builder of the Week/First Report Card

The week before last, Ava was named "Builder of the Week" (student of the week). As the Builder of the Week, she got to make a poster of family photos to share, fill out a little biography form, take a movie to share with class, and have a parent come and read a story to the class.

When she got off the bus on the Friday before her week, she was so excited. Every week she had been talking about what the builder of the week had done, and finally, it was her week! I believe she told everyone at the bus stop and showed off her letter.

We made a poster and she chose all the pictures herself. She added illustrations and would have covered the whole thing with drawings if she could have. She took the movie The Aristocats to school and then I took cookie and punch to school for her class on Friday. While there, I read two book to her class. We read No David and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. The kids loved both stories and they both got a good amount of laughter.

Ava had such a great time that week. She says her favorite part was "Building the big poster."

During that week we also had her first parent/teacher conference. I went to it wile Bradley kept Harrison and it was a nice conference. Ava is still having issues with talking and staying on task, but other than that, she is doing fine. Her first report card shows that she has mastered all the skills that she should have by this point (duh) and she is doing satisfactory. :) That's my girl!

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