Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Story of Baby "Mosef"

A couple of weeks ago, Wednesday night marked the return of kids/youth programs at our church and Ava was so excited to get back to Wednesday night church. She loves being in class with Mrs. Alma Ruth and always has such a good time. In fact, when it is time to leave, she never wants to go. She always begs to stay a little while longer.

The first Wednesday night she was the last little one out of her class because she was finishing her craft project. They had studied the story of Moses and how his mother made a basket and put him in the river. At the end of the story they had made a little paper doll Moses and a paper basket (more like a box). Ava was so excited that she came running out with her "Baby Mosef." She had even made him a teddy bear (colored in the box), and a blanket (from old rags).

All night long she talked about "Baby Mosef" and the story of his basket. When bedtime came, we read the story of Moses from her children's bible and then she wanted me to put Mosef somewhere to sleep. Everywhere I chose was wrong. The bookshelf was too dark and he would be scared and the baby bed wasn't safe because Paisley might get him and puke on him (Paisley is our pukey cat). Finally she found the perfect location and I figured that was the end of Baby Mosef, because she would forget about him,

Alas, that was not meant to be. Baby Mosef kept reappearing as she carried him around the house and then put him in a LARGER basket for protection. Anytime she had to leave the room, I was charged with watching Baby Mosef so Harrison could not steal him. He even slept in his LARGE basket on her bed. The first morning when I went in to her room, she was upset that in the middle of the night, someone (Daddy) had moved Baby Mosef to the foot of her bed and when she woke up in the middle of the night, she moved him right back to the top of the bed. :)

Then for a little while, Baby Mosef hung out in our pictures in the hall so he could watch over us. That is where she rediscovered him and began to play with him again.

The second Wednesday night they learned about the burning bush and colored one and then this past Wednesday night, they made a staff that turned into a serpent (bracelet). Since then, we have read the story of Moses, watched the movie "Prince of Egypt" and looked at anything resembling Egyptian stuff. Harrison was even the unlucky kid who had to play "Pharaoh" while Ava was Moses and chased him with a stick. This morning, Baby Mosef has inherited a cookie cutter sheep "because Mosef had sheep."

Her big imagination continues to astound me and I love seeing what she will come up with next. I love her zest for church and am glad that she enjoys learning about the Bible.

So sweet to see these little quirks that my baby girl has. I love seeing what interesting things she does and always have loads of laughs!

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  1. Licia4:22 PM

    This story is just TOO cute! :-)


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