Wednesday, October 05, 2011

iPhone Photos

Since getting a new phone, I have spent a lot of time playing around with it and trying little fun things. I love that it has a camera that takes relatively good photos. Once I figured out to take the protective film off the camera, it was tons better. :) I like that I have it everywhere I go and can so quickly snap a shot. No, they aren't the greatest photos in the world, but the little memories are what matter!

1. and 12. Harrison cheesing

2. Ava - First photo with new phone

3. Ava with her student of the week poster

4. Harrison enjoying supper (Playing with it at least)

5. and 6. Ava and I shared a slice of cheesecake at Sweet Peppers

7. Playing outside

8. Ready for dance

9. Supper

10. Working hard

11. Harrison stealing Fritos before supper

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