Friday, August 24, 2012

Ava's First Day of School - August 1, 2012

Q- How was your first day of school?
A - A good day.
Q - What did you learn on the first day of school?
A - How to get to three bathrooms.
Q - What did you do on your first day?
A - We went outside to look at the new playground and we got to play on it for a little while too. We watched some TV on the screen and watched a funny show. It was about a lady making food and it was funny.
Q - What was your favorite thing about the first day of school?
A - I'm thinking...the new lunchroom. It has an elevator and two staircases. The elevator was for people in wheelchairs and people who can't walk.
Q - What do you think of your new teacher?
A - She's good.
Q - How is first grade going to be different from kindergarten?
A - You have to do less work so far and I want to do more work like in Kindergarten.
Q - Did you miss anybody when you were at school?
A - I didn't miss a lot of people because some people from kindergarten came. I did miss my other Kindergarten friends.
Q - What are you most excited about in first grade?
A - Going outside and watching the funny banana song.

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  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Such sweet answers to all the questions. Finding all three bathrooms would be a very significant thing for Nana, too! That is important information!!! :)
    Love, Nana


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