Thursday, October 03, 2013

Depot Days - part 2

Daddy with the alderman in the parade
Here is the second set of pictures from Depot Days. We didn't take many pictures from the parade this year. Harrison was disappointed that there were no tractors in the parade.

We did go down the event several times this year. The kids did lots of bouncing on the inflatables. Ava wanted to ride the horses, but Harrison did not. He was more into the ducks and rabbits that they had.

And like I said before it was a great day and the kids had such a good time. :)

Must be Squiggles's brother

At the Depot with Daddy

This was a dragon inflatable. You go in the mouth and come out the vagina? Ava called it the butt and said it pooped you out. LOL

Harrison getting pooped out of the dragon. He only went in once because he said it stunk in there! HA!

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