Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Depot Days - Pictures Part 1

I love Depot Days! I believe that I say this every year. This year more than ever Ava was super excited about the day. In fact, the kids were both adamant that it was the best one we have been to and I have to agree.

The big event below was the Kids 1 mile fun race. Ava didn't want to do it and complained the whole way there, but she did a great job and actually ran almost the whole mile. Harrison was so funny running. His little legs went so fast and I was so proud of him. He was the youngest one and he did great! He even left me in the dust.

So proud of both of them.
Ready for the race

Ava out like a shot

Mommy and Harrison running

Ava coming into the finish line

Harrison coming into the finish line

Mommy coming in last place!

Ava was tired after the race

Harrison getting his medal.

The kid runners

Love it!

He was so proud that he even slept with it that night!

Loving it!
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