Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bradley's First Father's Day

On Sunday, we celebrated Bradley's first Father's Day. We started the day off at church where they had the fathers stand up and everyone clapped. Ava clapped too after everyone else was done. It was really cute. Aunt Bethany took us and Pop (Joe) out to eat at Mom's Buffet (where Ava enjoyed some mashed potatoes and green beans from the buffet). We came back to our house and Bradley opened his gift. Ava got him a new BB gun since his old one has seen better days. My dad says it's time to hang Ole Betsy on the wall rather than use her, but we'll see. After that we all enjoyed a little nap and then headed over to Nana and Pop's. They cooked a wonderful supper and we enjoyed watching Veggies with Ava and eating Banana Splits. I will post the photos of Ava eating her ice cream later. So basically we had a very relaxing day and I personally want to thank Bradley for the wonderful father that he is to Ava. Thank you Bradley!

She pointed at this card and said, "Baby."

Louging and watching her Veggies.

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