Wednesday, June 20, 2007

KY Visit

As you all know, this past weekend, we took a trip up to KY to visit my parents and family. Ava was a very good girl, despite a rousing bout of screaming (aka: just being noisy and wanting attention) at the Majestic House. She loved meeting Trayton and even said, "Baby" for the first time. They were so cute together. Ava is in a kissing/head-butting stage and Trayton just kept reaching out for her. It was just precious! So her are some highlights from the trip.
Cousin Ava, Aunt Tiffany, and Trayton

Aunt Tiffany and Trayton
Uncle Nick, Ava, and Trayton
Uncle Nick, Ava, and Trayton

Not really sure what she's doing...

Uncle Bradley and Trayton
Ava getting ready to kiss (or headbutt Trayton)
Ava loving Trayton
Cousin Ava, Aunt Tiff, and Trayton
Poppy and Ava

Poppy and Ava (he spoils her by letting her play with remotes!)
Ava, Aunt Bo, and Trayton
Trayton, Nanny, and Ava
Ava and Nanny
Uncle Nick, Ava, and Leah

Ava looking 'hard' at Uncle Nick while he takes her picture
Ava wearing her hair bow from Uncle Nick
Ava and Gramps
Amazed that Trayton's walker has different toys from hers.
Grammy feeding Trayton

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